About Us

The idea to develop the Raptor Ropes Heavy Trainer started with a bang, that bang was the sound of our founder Will hitting the box floor after losing grip and spectacularly flying off of a pull up bar during a workout. From that moment he was set on finding a way to improve his grip and that brought him to the wonders of the weighted speed rope.
During the following months of developing and prototyping we saw friends get their first doubleunders using our prototype ropes and others pushing themselves to new levels incorporating the new dynamic of weighted dubs into their training and so the Heavy Trainer was born.
Raptor Ropes is on a mission to help athletes across the country improve their training if that means getting that elusive first doubleunder or using the Heavy Trainer regularly in training so when going back to a speed rope in competition they can preform like never before.
Train Heavier, Compete Harder!
The Raptor Ropes Team